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By Emu Property Maintenance Ltd, Jan 11 2016 05:02PM

If you are thinking about renting out your property then there are a few maintenance issues that must be considered first;

Are your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working?

If your smoke or carbon monoxide detector has a fault and there is a fire or carbon monoxide leak in your property then you could face legal action and be putting peoples lives at risk! A carbon monoxide detector should be replaced after 5 years and a smoke detector should be replaced after 10 years. Both should be tested monthly. One of our trained tradesmen would be happy to replace or test your detectors for you.

Is there any water damage, damp or leaks?

All of these things need to be treated as soon as they are discovered to prevent any further damage. A lick of paint will not treat damp and it will quickly come back with avengance. The area will need to be specifically damp treated by a professional to solve the problem.

Is the garden in good shape/safe?

Not only will a neat, tidy garden make your property more desirable, it is an important aspect to consider when renting. A simple garden that does not require much upkeep is a sensible idea unless you are happy to hire someone to provide your tenants with regular garden maintenance services. Also unruly trees and shrubs can interfere with the foundations of the property and cause damage to the exterior walls so make sure that these are trimmed back correctly and taken care of by a professional.

Are the gutters clear and draining correctly?

Hedgehog gutter systems can be purchased that stop any debris from laying in your gutters. One of our friendly tradesmen would be happy to advise you on the best way to keep your gutters clear and to install the necessary equipment or fix any issues.

You can find more information on the importance of keeping your gutters clean here.

Is the bathroom caulking and grout in a suitable condition?

As with water damage, cracking grout between tiles or loosening/flaking caulking around the bath or sink is best to be rectified immediately. If any problem of this nature is left then it could result in unstable flooring or mould.

Are there any holes in the wall or peeling paint?

This is a more cosmetic issue that could potentially put prospective tenants off of the property. However, it is also an issue that could progressively worsen over time so is best to be dealt with. Our team provide very reasonable prices for painting and decorating work and would be as happy to touch up a small patch on the wall as they would to redecorate your entire property including walls, ceilings and woodwork.

It is a good idea to hire a qualified, skilled tradesman to carry out these tasks and although it may cost you a little more at the outset, it will save you big money in the long-term.

By Emu Property Maintenance Ltd, Nov 10 2015 04:59PM

Keeping your gutters clean will save your home from unnecessary destruction and could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in repairs!

Blocked, debris filled gutters can cause moisture damage to your roof, soffit and fascia.

It's not just leaks on the outside of your home that are to be expected - clogged gutters can cause roof leaks that damage the walls and ceilings inside your home! The moisture inside the property may cause mould that can be harmful to the respiratory health of your family.

If water is forced to overflow it may collect around the foundation of the property. With the winter fast approaching, this water can freeze therefore expanding which could cause cracks in the foundation wall. It also creates a slippery hazard that when melting can kill grass, trees and cause soil erosion due to overwatering. Concrete paths and driveways may also be affected by cracks and sagging.

Don't put yourself at risk by climbing a ladder, let Emu Property Maintenance do it for you.

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Full house gutter cleaning from £50

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By Emu Property Maintenance Ltd, Oct 10 2015 08:01PM

The exterior of your home is always on show, it provides a first impression and the front door sets a tone as visitors knock and enter.

Choosing the right colour can be tricky but we have a few tips to help;

1. What style of door do you like? Modern, rustic, striking or simple? Deep and bright tones can create dramatic statements whereas lighter tones can often look more traditional. Distressing is always an option that can provide a great weathered effect.

2. Consider the rest of the exterior. Staying within the same colour spectrum will establish a subtle, neat look. Daring to mix colours together can create a eye-catching compostion of colours.

3. Take a walk or drive around your local area and note which houses and styles you are most drawn to. This may even inspire some unexpected ideas!

4. Once you have decided on a colour, test it. Tester pots are cheap and paint can differ in varying light so make sure the outside light grants the right hue.

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